Dream is another meta universe

Friends,please allow me to introduce my paintings to you. These paintings are my works in the past 20 years from 2001 to 2021, with a total of more than 500. Most of them are based on comprehensive material paintings, mainly including pen, ink, rubbing, knife carving, axe chisel, collage, cracking, oil paint, carbon, pencil, water brush, etc., which mainly express the theme of "dream".

I am a person who often dreams. Maybe due to the poor sleep quality and the difficulty of starting a career, I am often in a state of dissociation and hallucination. Sometimes I dream of walking on the edge of different worlds; Sometimes I dream of creating a story; Sometimes I dream that I suddenly have an answer to a problem that I can't solve during the day; Sometimes I will shout in the middle of the night and suddenly wake up with a boundless nothingness; Sometimes I dream of inspiration and want to get up and record, but I don't know why I went to sleep

If I could get up at once, I would lie on the table in the middle of the night and draw the picture I just dreamed of, and accompany the lonely night to the dawn. If I don't get up immediately, I get up the next morning and draw it with my memory. Of course, compared with getting up immediately, some inspiration will be forgotten. Whenever I feel very regretful and want to slap myself in the face, thinking why didn't I get up immediately?

I sometimes feel that it is a mysterious force that prevents me from penetrating the mystery by making me sleep again. Is it narcissistic? Because I clearly remember what I realized at that moment in my dream. I especially wanted to draw it, but my willpower was eliminated. Of course, I'm not a mystic. I prefer to explain scientifically that the door of the parallel world was accidentally closed.

I never delve into the above doubts, because they will go crazy. This is that I also have a side that is extremely in line with nature. I feel that everything has its arrangement. I am in awe of all the unknown. I live in such a contradictory space. My thoughts in such a philosophical debate make my painting very spiritual and form a distinct personal style.

My painting style is the only one in the world. This is not only the value of engaging in art, but also gives my painting a soul. It is also the reason why my paintings are auctioned at high prices in various auction houses and collection investors, because painting is human, and the essence of painting is the artist's gene and thinking about the world.

I learned painting from the age of 7. I'm just 40 years old this year. For 33 years, I have been bumping all the way to express my inner thoughts and understanding of life with painting. With the growth of my age, I like loneliness more and more. I often think about talking to the world with a lamp and a cigarette in the middle of the night. This is my way of life and my way of painting.

I have become one with painting.

When you look at the painting, you are perceived.

December 25, 2021